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Swadesh Properties Ltd. is one of the leading township developers in Bangladesh for the past fourteen years. It has offered excellent value and satisfaction to its customers and dedicated ourselves in developing several aesthetic Townships in and around Dhaka city. Since its inception, our offer around customers excellent returns on their real estate investments. Swadesh Properties Ltd. is synonymous with, ethics, transparency, customer service and a quality residential experience. As a Bangladesh’s premier land developer with expertise in Residential and Commercial developments, it’s business activities rest on positioning of each of the properties as premium in the segment for which it is proposed, high quality construction technology and timely delivery.

Swadesh Properties Ltd. with great pride and satisfaction welcome you to few of our illustrious projects. You will find The location…The amenities…The design…and everything about Swadesh Properties Ltd., totally satisfying. Swadesh poses as a trendsetter in the industry as it took pioneer initiative to build a charming habitation in the emerging surroundings of the city and economy plots for fast growing middle class, as part of its contribution in the infrastructure development to help diminishing the existing housing crisis in the country. The environment benefits as well, Swadesh perceives the importance and sensitivity of the areas where you will live in, so Swadesh plans its projects with the most stringent environmental standards in mind. 

Environment matters like air quality management, waste treatment, appropriate sanitation, soil erosion control, historical preservation and underground explosive disposal are foremost in our mind when it is planned. Swadesh’s typical project management team consists of project managers, project engineers and skilled supervisors who oversee the entire activities on site until the accomplishment of projects. This approach allows Swadesh to provide clients with prompt, action oriented responses to your questions and concerns and make sure projects meets its scheduling and quality targets. Swadesh delivers on time. We are one of the few in Bangladesh who strictly adhere to Government Act and REHAB Code of conduct. We are proud to say this and we will always continue to follow this policy. Project execution team is led by highly experienced engineers. The team acts as the expeditor of whole process of construction and ensures on schedule completion of projects and quality of materials. Your investment in Swadesh’s, land plots grows every week, every month and every year. Your investment value grows up all the time and all our existing customers are happy about this. We are pre-approved and preferred developer with most of the leading Home Loan providers to make things easier for you. Swadesh has been engaged in discharging CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in a befitting manner by taking part in various activities alongside government and private initiatives as and when it suits our sources and capabilities. This obligation is seen to extend beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation and sees organizations voluntarily taking further steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society. Besides the above activities Swadesh is involved in different social activities:

• Donated money & books to the large number of educational institutions, madrasha and mosques.

• Distributed a huge quantity of warm clothes among the vulnerable people in the cold area every year.

• Distributed relief /cloths/foods to the flood affected people.

Swadesh has been mulling to embark on diversification since long by extending its portfolio of products and services that you can fully rely on. It is also planning to step into construction as well with a view to bringing the entire township to a real shape to help your dream come true. Swadesh intends to build aesthetical and functional township encompassing modern amenities in addition to all basic civic needs.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of service, excellence, and expertise in the real estate market to our clients. To always bear in mind that behind every real estate transaction, there is always a person or family involved.

To act in the best interest of our clients at all times, by offering unquestionable ethics on all transactions and to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering exceptional service and utmost customer satisfaction.

The satisfaction of our customers is the main priority of Swadesh Properties Ltd. Our goal is to be a point of reference in everything related to Real Estate “if we cannot provide the service, we can find the people that will do it” setting ourselves apart.

To make the land buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. We will try to bring trust and confidence back from this real estate sector providing accurate and inexhaustible land and timely delivery to our respected clients.

And also to continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier.

Migration between urban and rural areas is seen as a central element in the livelihoods of many households in Bangladesh. This movement of people is an outcome of environmental, economic or demographic crises. The rapid growth of rural-urban migration has been a common feature of developing countries like Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is witnessing one of the fastest growths in the population (around 1.08% per year) among mega cities in the world. It is undergoing rapid urbanization. Currently, around 38.6% of the total population of 62.86 million lives in urban areas.

The density of population in the country with an area of 147,570 sq km is around 1,115.62 persons/sq km, one of the highest in the world. It is predicted that the population will grow to more than 25 million around the year 2024. The volume of land is decreasing day by day.

If asked a question, is there any other alternate way other than developing township keeping in touch with the capital city Dhaka, to get rid of this perennial traffic jam, health menace and other crises which a citizen cannot bear any longer, there is a common answer …...No. In fact, there is no second thought has been explored so far.

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries of the Third world with huge potentials. There is a population of more than 18 crores within a piece of land measuring only fifty-six thousand square miles. Uncontrolled population growth has become one of the key impediments towards national development.

Housing is one of the five basic needs of a human being. The land is running out in comparison with the growing population. Simultaneously the number of homeless people is in hike due to social cum natural causes. As a result, there lies an acute housing crisis in the country and in the run-up to that end with a view to fulfilling the present demand of the housing, SWADESH Properties Ltd. come forward.

One of the leading private sector entrepreneur’s swadesh properties has been playing a pivotal role to address the crisis alongside the government’s efforts. We give equal emphasis on both the social responsibilities alongside our usual business ethics. Under this spirit, SWADESH Properties Ltd. has simultaneously been developing two housing projects titled SHORNALI and SUNVALLEY with reputation and credibility which has received significant applause and response from all walks of life irrespective of class and profession.

Our Objective

To help in reducing the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating on opportunity for residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the vicinity of the city.

To develop an exclusive residential zone for the wage earners and local.

To give the urban lifestyle a new dimension

To help and maintain the balance of the environment by proper Urbanization. To create an environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere.

To work as a partner of government in reducing the existing acute crisis of housing.

To ensure civic facilities by urbanization to the nearby and surrounding areas gradually.

To mitigate future housing demand.

Our Commitment

To protect our clients through proper transparency and accountability by good service.

Our Achievement

We have received the honor and inspiration through participating in many fairs & programs in the country and abroad throughout our long journey.

Message from Chairman

We all know that after food and clothing, housing is one of the basic rights of every citizen.

In Bangladesh, the rate of urbanization is very high, aggravated by the high population growth rate and rapid rural-urban migration.

This will change and increase Bangladesh’s demand for housing. To accommodate the increasing urban population, real estate development is essential to provide appropriate housing in Bangladesh. Bangladesh being a poor developing country, it is almost impossible for the government alone to ensure housing for all.

The concept of real estate in Bangladesh emerged after liberation. Private sector initiative sparked a remarkable boom in investment and development activities.

The real estate business has been flourishing in Bangladesh for a considerable period of time, and has seen tremendous growth in Dhaka. After a haphazard start, it has gradually become more systematic and organized. Without proper accommodation, we cannot develop a capable workforce for contributing to the national economy.

We will work with all our energy and in cooperation with our customers to achieve our vision and goals and we will provide our land that serves our target range with the best specifications.

Md. Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury

Best Wishes.

Managing Director Message

We extend a warm welcome to all our clients, business partners, and well wishers.

In its 14 years as a focused real estate company, Swadesh Properties Ltd has established a strong presence in the real estate market. Swadesh Properties Ltd sees its property development business as a major thrust area.

Raw land is a key feature of the real estate cycle as it is the focal point of construction and expansion of business. The most characteristic feature of a real estate boom is the speculation of large under-developed land and the sale of lots in subdivisions to small investors.

Your investment in Swadesh’s, land plots grows every week, every month and every year. Your investment value grows up all the time and all our existing customers are happy about this.

“Nothing is impossible with hard work, sincerity and dedication” Operating on this philosophy, we, at Swadesh Properties Ltd have entered into major areas in Real Estate Development, Selling & and Construction. As a result; we have transformed our company with well organized.

I am very pleased to share with you that we are one of the few in Bangladesh who strictly adhere to Government Act and REHAB Code of conduct. We are proud to say this and we will always continue to follow this policy.

Finally, we are playing a dynamic role in the economic development of Bangladesh. I believe there is no alternative to hard work, commitment, and customer satisfaction. The journey since its inception till today has been very challenging.

Thanks to our professional team of our Company, professionals, Agents, Land Seller, conductors and suppliers.

As a forward-looking company, we believe in planning for the sustainable and long term development for the rehabilitation as well as the betterment for our employees who are the key to our success. We have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises that we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients and also we are committed to fulfill the dreams of our customers.

MD. Wakil Uddin

Wish you all the best.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR policy guides us to carry out our mission. CSR is the commitement of Swadesh Properties Ltd.

It's our responsibility to our poor staff, neighbors and others by participating in various activities. Our CSR policy is an integrated part of our overall business policy.

We have a separate HR and welfare team who monitor all the facilities regularly and subimt their reports to the authorized persons. In case of any threat regarding health, safety, weather or climate change, religious & mankind issue or any, our CSR comes forward.

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